Donation Values

Need help determining the value of your donation for tax purposes? You can download a list that gives approximate low and high values for donated items. You can use these ranges as a general guide to assess the value you can claim on your tax return.

Sheriffs Ranches Enterprises issues and signs receipts at the time of the donation. Donors are responsible for maintaining all tax records as well as assigning values to your donated items.

EXCEPTIONS! Of course there are exceptions to these guidelines. Brand new items still in packaging, items like a big screen TV, etc. could possibly be worth more than the amounts given. Please use your own judgement.

Please donate only items that are in good usable and working condition. When we receive items that we cannot sell or use (broken, damaged, torn, stained, etc.) we must dispose of them, raising expenses and reducing the revenue available for the boys and girls we serve.

To download a copy of the list, go here.